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Older buildings can be gorgeously unique, making them extremely popular for restaurants, museums, theaters, and even night clubs in South Florida. While many modern construction buildings look similar, these structures that are 40 years old, 50 years old, and even older have a certain charm because no two look alike. While the appeal is very obvious, these older buildings are also much more likely to have structural damage, leaky roofs, mold, faulty wiring, and other hazards. They may have been built before certain regulations were in place or they may have deteriorated over time, but either way- they need to be rechecked and recertified before they should have anyone inside of them.

In accordance with the Miami-Dade County Code, Section 8-11 (f)(ii)(1): all buildings, which are 40 years or 10 years after that, from the date the building was given its original Certificate of Occupancy or older must be recertified by the Building Official.

The first recertification is mandated when the structure becomes 40 years old and then every 10 years thereafter. Recertification is due on the anniversary of the original Building or Structure Certificate of Occupancy. Then the 10 year intervals for a new recertification are based on the year of completion of the building or structure. It is the owner’s responsibility to obtain the 40 Year Recertification and to recertify their building/s every 10 years thereafter regardless of whether they have received a “Notice of Required Recertification” or not, so don’t wait to get something in the mail.

If you are the owner of such a building, you must hire a registered and professional company to perform electrical and structural inspections for the building and submit a completed report of the inspection performed to the city for review and approval.

A few decades of hurricane seasons can take its toll on any building! Let Florida Aesthetic D.B.A Roofing Recovery perform this recertification process for you. When you hire us, you can know that your stress is over and we’ll take over the hard part. We’ll thoroughly inspect your older building and get you the recertification you need to keep your business running. We serve the West Palm Beach, Dade County, and Broward County areas.

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