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Roofing Recovery is more than a roofing company, we are a – home & property improvement company.
Established over 20 years ago as a roofing company, we’ve evolved by expanding our services to
include impact window installation, solar installation, heating ventilation & air conditioning and
concrete restoration.


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Roofing Recovery Services

Roof Installation Services

Roof Replacement or Repair

Florida receives about 40 to 60 inches of rainfall on average, annually. With most of the rainfall occurring between the months of June and October.
These months are also the hottest months during the year. Do you believe your home is taking advantage of the best in roofing technology to protect against the elements and to reduce your energy bill?

We offer a variety of roofs that are long lasting, decorative and cool. To discover more about our roofing services, our product lines, types of roof and various roofing technologies visit our roofing services page, call us at 954-500-0203, or Schedule al call back.

Impact window installation

Impact windows not only safe guard you and your family during sever storms, but can also help reduce your energy bill and, increase your home’s security.

So, how can impact windows reduce your energy bill and by how much? By taking advantage of the brilliant design that makes these impact windows stand up against small missile impacts. Of course not all impact windows are made equally, but the most energy efficient windows have a double paned structure and low-e solar-ban® coating technology. This technology blocks UV rays, allowing your home to let in natural light, but prevents excessive heat from transferring in.

You can discover more about the costs benefit of upgrading to impact windows by visiting our Impact Window Services page. You can also call us at 954-500-0203, or Schedule al call back.

Storm Windows Services

Solar Installation

Solar installation

Did you know that Florida has on average 237 days of sunshine? A Single 500 watt solar panel, that receives 8 hours of sunlight for those 237 days, has an output of 948 kilowatt-hours annually. The average Florida home consumes about 1,078 kWh per month or about 12,936 kWh annually. Installing six 500 watt panels on the average Florida home could reduce your energy needs by almost 45%.

Another benefit to installing solar panels is safe guard against power losses during sever storms. In the event there is a power outage due to a hurricane, you and your family can remain at ease knowing that your home is energy self reliant and does not need to rely on the grid for continued power supply.

To discover more about getting the costs savings of installing solar panels visit our Solar Installation Services page, call us at 954-500-0203, or Schedule al call back.

Air Conditioning

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning also refereed to as HVAC is final piece of the puzzle to your home transformation. So, after you’ve upgraded your roof and windows to be more energy efficient and installed your new solar panels keeping you old inefficient AC could be diminishing your investment. In South Florida, central Air Conditioners account for 27% of the energy bill.
Although, the costs of installing a new AC is a huge investment, installing a modern energy-efficient unit can save you up to 40% on your cooling costs.

Can’t install a new AC without a new Thermostat. New thermostats not only have a nice look to them, but are also much more efficient at regulating your AC unit and can increase your AC’s energy efficiency.

Visit our HVAC Service page to discover more about upgrading. You can also call us at 954-500-0203.

HVAC Services


Roofing Recovery is part of Ygrene's network and offers financing to Roofing Recovery customers that qualify.

YGrene's offers a type of financing known as PACE financing "an innovative option that leverage your home's equity to finance your home improvement project."

Benefits of Ygrene's financing

-100% financing, no money down
- Up to 30 Months for first payment
- No credit score minimum required
- Low, fixed rates and flexible terms

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