40 Year Recertification

Did a 40 Year Recertification Notice arrive in the mail for your property in Miami-Dade or Broward County? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Roofing Recovery is more than just a roofing contractor, we are a home improvement company ready to help you get through the recertification process with ease.

Are you the owner of a building approaching it’s 40 year anniversary? While older buildings are very charming, they are also much more likely to have structural damage, leaky roofs, mold, faulty wiring, and other hazards. They may have been built before certain regulations were in place or they may have deteriorated over time, but either way- they need to be rechecked and recertified before they should have anyone inside.

Roofing Recovery will inspect your property and have it repaired to meet current building codes.

Did you know that only a professional engineer or architect registered in the state of Florida can fill out and submit the recertification report?

When you hire us to handle your recertification, you are in safe hands with Michael who earned his degree in Architecture over 30 years ago from the University of Kentucky. He has been a part of hundreds of architectural projects, including the world famous Miller House.

So why stress over the details?

Let an expert take care of it and put your mind at ease.

We will make sure that your commercial property is recertified.

What is a 40 Year Recertification in Miami-Dade Florida?

When your commercial property in Miami-Dade (or Broward County) reaches 40 years old, the building must be inspected and recertified. Every 10 years after that, it needs to be recertified again.

Your recertification inspection needs to be done by a professional engineer or architect who is registered in the state of Florida. The inspector must certify that your property is safe both structurally and electrically for it to pass including the:

  • Roofing systems
  • Windows
  • Wood frames
  • Flooring
  • Loading
  • Foundation
  • Masonry bearing walls
  • Steel frames
  • Electrical service
  • Conduit raceways
  • Branch circuits

This is why it’s imperative that you are recertified after your commercial property has reached its 40th birthday and every 10 years thereafter. If the building does not receive certification and an accident or incident happens, not only will you be held liable, but all of those fines and legal actions will rain down on you.

Being Notified of a Forty Year Recertification

Most people receive a Notice of Recertification of 40 Year Old Building(s) from the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources. If you received one for your commercial property, then you’ve come to the right place!

Even if you have never received a notice, if your building has exceeded 40 years of age you may need to recertify your building anyway.

What Does This Mean for you as the Building Owner?

It is the owner’s responsibility to obtain the 40 Year Recertification and to recertify their building/s every 10 years thereafter regardless of whether they have received a “Notice of Required Recertification” or not, so don’t wait to get something in the mail. You must hire a registered and professional company to perform electrical and structural inspections for the building and submit a completed report of the inspection performed to the city for review and approval.

Find Out If Your Building Qualifies for Recertification

We made it easy for you to determine if your building in Miami-Dade should be recertified. If you can check off every item on this list, you need to get an inspection right away.

Your building in Miami-Dade:

  • Is 40 years old*
  • Is NOT a single family home or duplex
  • Has an occupancy of over 10
  • Has an area of over 2,000 square feet
  • Is NOT a non-residential building on a farm

In Broward County, the rules are a little different. You require recertification, if you can check off all of these items.

Your building:

  • Is 40 years old*
  • Is NOT a single family home or duplex
  • Has an area of over 3,500 square feet
  • Is NOT a federal building on an indigenous reservation

*Pro Tip: In order to determine the age of your property, check the original structure’s “Certificate of Occupancy.”

Recertification Violation: The Consequences

When you receive a notice, you have 90 days to get the building inspected and only 60 more if something needs to be repaired. If your property fails the inspection, you will be required to bring your building up to code.

Get your inspection performed as soon as possible. Don’t sweat, just call on Roofing Recovery to help.

If you don’t get it done in time, you’ll receive a ticket or what’s known as a “Civil Violation Notice.” That could mean over $10,000 in fines!

Not only that, but your building will be scheduled to be condemned and potentially demolished due to being unsafe. No one will be allowed to occupy it, and your investment will be destroyed by the state of Florida.

Roofing Recovery for Recertification Inspection and Renovation

You don’t have to do this alone. The process of recertification can be as simple as calling your friends at Roofing Recovery. Our number is 954-500-0203.

We want to make your 40 year recertification and 10 year recertification affordable, well organized, and on time so that you can focus on running your business in West Palm Beach, Dade County, or Broward County.

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