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Roof Coating

Silicone, Acrylic and SEBS Roof Coating in Fort Lauderdale

Flat roofs offer many advantages, they are cost effective, easily accessible, and allow the utilization of space for air-conditioning units, solar panels, and other functions. However, flat roofs are not perfect, and can experience problems such as water ponding, cracking and bubbling, buckling, leaking, and shorter lifespans than other types of roofs. South Florida’s hot sun, frequent thunderstorms, and hurricanes can exacerbate a flat roof’s potential for problems causing costly repairs or even replacement, so it makes sense to take steps to prolong the life of a flat roof for as long as possible.

Cost savings benefits of Roof Coating

Roofing Recovery offers a Silicone roofing system that can extend the lifespan of a flat roof for up to 25 years at a fraction of the cost of repairs or replacements. Typical replacements are costly and time consuming; in contrast our silicone coating systems are cost savings and energy efficient. Our Silicone systems can be applied to any type of flat roof, including, AKA Substrate – BUR, modified bitumen, TPO, EPDM, metal, concrete, or ASP, and we are certified by GE and Mule-Hide, the industry experts of roofing raw materials since 1906 and the manufacturers of the Silicone system.

Lower your energy costs! Because of its reflectivity, our silicone roofing system reduces heat, so you can expect to see up to an 80% increase in energy efficiency over traditional roofing.

We offer three types of coatings roofing systems to meet your particular needs, Silicone, Acrylic, and SEBS.

Silicone, Acrylic and SEBS Coating systems

Silicone Roof Coating System

Our silicone coating is a high solids, single-part elastomeric roof coating, manufactured using durable silicone resins and reinforcing and reflective pigments. It can be applied over new spray-applied polyurethane foam, TPO, aged PVC, aged acrylic, concrete granulated modified bitumen, metal, or asphalt built-up roofs. Silicone coating provides years of durable, low maintenance, seamless protection and offers the following advantages:

  • Controls UV damage
  • Reduces thermal shock
  • Seals off water entry points
  • Provides superior water ponding resistance – silicone’s low water absorption outperforms conventional solvent and water based coatings
  • Same-Day recoating is possible with quick cure time
  • Silicone is a low-odor, solvent free coating that is VOC compliant throughout North America
  • White 100% silicone roof coating improves AC unit efficiency.

Our silicone coatings are the best choice when there is water ponding, two existing roofing systems preclude a tear off, or a complex roofing system creates installation issues for a conventional membrane roof.

Acrylic Roof Coating System

Our acrylic coating is a water-based elastomeric system that can be applied over smooth asphalt, metal, mod-bit, EPDM, TPO, and PVC. Acrylic offers,

  • Exceptional exterior durability and UV stability
  • Specifications for both reinforced and non-reinforced assemblies
  • Superior flexibility

Our acrylic coatings are the best choice when you are on a tight budget, there is no water ponding, or you have a metal roof with minimal rusting.

SEBS Roof Coating System

Our SEBS coating is an elastomeric solvent based coating used for the repair and restoration of metal roofs. SEBS is based on tough, elastic Styrene Ethylene/Styrene Butylene polymers and a clear adhesive hydrocarbon resin in an aromatic hydrocarbon vehicle. Our SEBS coating offers the following advantages:

  • Excellent adhesion to metal
  • It’s an ideal solution for rusty roofs
  • Prevents corrosion through ultra-low moisture permeability
  • Superior elasticity conforms to building’s movement
  • High tensile strength stands up to roof traffic
  • Durability due to antioxidants and light stabilizers

SEBS is the best choice when restoring a rusty metal roof.

Great candidates for our silicone systems include shopping plazas, warehouses, and other large commercial buildings. Unlike traditional roof replacement, the installation/application of our silicone systems does not require closing the building or asking tenants to vacate. Roofing Recovery’s fluid applied roofing systems are completed in a three-step process of cleaning, prepping, and then coating the roof. The systems can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray gun and require only one coat, which makes it less expensive and time consuming to install.

Our systems come with 10, 15, 20, and 25-year (depending on the thickness of the application and manufacture)

manufacturer’s warranty that is good beyond the longevity of our company. Even if Roofing Recovery ceased to exist, the warranty would still be applicable.

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