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Hurricane Damaged Roof Repair

Hurricane Damaged Roof Repair Services

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Hurricane Damaged Roofing Services

Hurricanes are stressful enough, getting your roof repaired afterward does not have to be. We make the process of getting your hurricane damaged roof repaired as painless as possible.

First, you call us to report damages. When we arrive at your home, priority one is to ensure that you do not suffer any further damage, so, as required by insurance, the homeowner needs to protect the property from further damage, we can assist with installation of temporary blue tarp over your damaged roof.

Next, your insurance company will visit your home to give their assessment of damages and scope of work. At this point, we strongly advise you to hire an attorney to negotiate with your insurance company. All too often, homeowners try to handle claim negotiations on their own, and end up getting less of a payout than they are entitled. If needed, we can provide you with a highly qualified and experienced legal team to help you with insurance negotiations.

Once negotiations have ended and payment is issued by your insurance company, we can start repairing your home.


The number one priority is to mitigate further damage to your home, so the tarp needs to be on your roof asap. See the table below for costs associated with tarp installation.

The per square foot charge for tarps is $0.95 during regular business hours and $1.22 outside of regular business hours. Below you’ll find a table of the most commonly requested tarps sizes and the costs. The per square feet costs are set by insurance companies.

Size 20 x 20 20 x 30 30 x 50 40 x 60
Business hours costs $380 $570 $1,425 $2,280
After hours costs $488 $732 $1,830 $2,928

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