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Cleverly engineered

Impact windows, also known as “hurricane windows” or “storm windows” are specially designed windows capable of withstanding small missile projectiles without shattering.
What makes these windows capable of with standing such forces has to do with the design. Impact windows are cleverly designed with a plastic membrane that serves two functions:

  1. The membrane acts as the shock absorber.
  2. It has a laminate that holds an additional two sheets of glass, one on both sides of the membrane.

With this type of design, once the integrity of the windows has been compromised, there is no glass shards. The shattered pieces remain bound to the plastic membrane.

Safety & Security

Safeguard against forced entry burglaries

Your home’s windows are one of the easiest ways for a burglar to gain access to your home. Conventional windows don’t offer much in the form of preventing forced entry.
And, although your alarm system can detect the intrusion, it is always better to prevent the intrusion. Because of their design, as mentioned above, impact windows have a
high resistance to small missile impacts. This makes it very difficult for forced entry as there is no subtle or quiet way to brute force an impact window.

Conventional shutters & fire hazard

What’s becoming a bad habit amongst South Floridians, is the habit of leaving the hurricane shutters up year round. Perhaps, the effort of constantly having to set-up and take down during the hurricane season become overwhelming, especially with a busy schedule. But, this can be very dangerous. In the event of a fire, hurricane shutters are near impossible to breach, and if left up, your hurricane shutter can become a barrier to what could be your only means of exiting your home.

By installing impact windows, there is no need to setup shutters before a storm. And thus, no need to take anything down. As a result, you benefit from the best of both worlds. Your home is protected during a storm and you’ve not barricaded what could be your only means of exiting.

Impact Windows Safety

Insurance Savings
The first way you can save money

Because of the increased protection your receives from the installation of impact windows, one of the ways you can see an immediate cash savings is in the form of reduced insurance premiums. How mush you’ll save is dependent on many factors, so it is best to discuss the savings with your insurance provider. These benefits are not only the result of increased protection during a storm, but because of the increased protection against burglaries.

Energy Bill Savings

How can impact windows save on my energy bill?

One of the beauties living in South Florida is the amount of sun shine days. With more than half of the year experiencing full sunshine. And, although we love our sun, this same sun is costing you on your energy bill. Windows can act as a weak spot for heat regulation through:

  1. Direct conduction though the glass.
  2. Heat radiation into the house from people, furniture and interior walls.
  3. Air leakage

This heat gain and loss can be measured and rated according to the following energy performance characteristics:

  1. U-Factor.
  2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).
  3. Air leakage

If you’re going to be installing windows on your homes and want to get the most return for your investment though lowering your energy bill, then consider our line of impact windows.

Storm Protection


Did you know that Impact Windows are rated like hurricanes? Hurricanes are rated based on their wind-speed and classified between a category 1 and category 5. This classification is a gauge for wind speed with a category 1 being the lowest wind speeds and category 5 being the highest wind speeds. Impact windows have a few different ratings.

Design Pressure (DP)

This is the most common rating that is used and it signifies the amount of water pressure and water penetration that an opening on your home, windows and doors, can sustain.
A couple things to consider when determining which rating best suits your home and that is – window size and location. A larger windows does not immediately mean that you need a higher rated DP; however, the location of the window – centre wall or corner of wall – does make a difference. Design Pressure ratings range from 20 to 70, so the best way to find out which DP rating you should choose is to have one of our technicians personally evaluate your property needs.

Performance Grade (PG)

An alternative, preferred, method to measuring the performance of your windows and doors is a Performance Grade or PG rating. Unlike Design Pressure, for a window to receive a Performance Grade rating, the window must pass all the following required performance test:

  1. Operating force
  2. Air leakage resistance
  3. Water penetration resistance
  4. Uniform load deflection test
  5. Uniform load structural test
  6. Forced-entry resistance

You can discover more about the costs benefit of upgrading to impact windows by visiting our Impact Window Services page. You can also call us at 954-500-0203 or

Impact Windows Safety

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