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Are you considering a new construction project, such as a home, retail business, or restaurant? Like any other investment, building requires due diligence to find an expert in the industry, commitment, time, and money. You can put your mind at ease by choosing Roofing Recovery. At Roofing Recovery, we bring a team of experts with the highest quality of work and integrity to cater to all of our clients. Your specific needs will be met during your new construction project, we guarantee it. You can choose to work with our team of engineers and architects, or we can accommodate working with other professionals of your choice.

We understand that building can be stressful and there is an emotional involvement in every single one of our projects. Therefore, you can rest assured that our passionate team of experienced professionals are involved in every phase of the construction process with the same level of ownership as if we are building our own home. With over 37 years of combined experience, we understand in depth every step of the process and we promise our work will meet the highest level of workmanship standards. We proudly serve the West Palm Beach, Dade County, and Broward County areas. Call us today at 954-500-0203

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