Post Tension Repair And Re-Bar

Most buildings in Broward County are made of concrete, including a majority of hotels, condominiums, schools, health care centers, government buildings,
warehouses and retail shops. These “slab-on-grade” foundations are one of the most popular types because they’re quick and inexpensive to build, yet are
great in our warm climate where bricks aren’t necessary. Slab-on-grade, concrete foundations work wonderfully, as long as the slab is built to a good
standard of quality and longevity. Unfortunately, the average business owner has no way of knowing this upon purchasing a home and moving in. It is
often years later that cracks begin to show on the floor.

Cracking is the largest concern with concrete, slab-on-grade foundations. Concrete naturally experiences some cracking as it shrinks during the curing stage.
These natural cracks are known as shrinkage cracks. Shrinkage cracks aren’t detrimental to your commercial building, but they can be concerning and unsightly
because they cause cosmetic damage to your interior floors. Shoppers and eaters may think twice about revisiting a place with cracked floors! Concrete can also
experience cracking when certain soil conditions are present. These soil conditions, like expansive soil, require you to bring in a professional company to
ensure the quality and integrity of the slab. Often, it is recommended to reinforce the concrete slab through a process called “post-tensioning.”

When a construction team properly understands and follows the correct procedures for repair and re-bar, they’re adding to a foundation’s lifespan and putting money
back into your pocket. Florida Aesthetic D.B.A Roofing Recovery, located in Boca Raton, is the construction experts
you can trust
for your post-tension repair and re-baring. We do more than just roofing! We serve the West Palm Beach, Dade County, and Broward County areas.

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