Why go solar?

230+ days of sunshine

Florida is lucky to be the beneficiary of a Tropical Climate. With this tropical climate comes sunshine, uninterrupted sunshine, with an average has 237 days of sunshine.
By installing solar panels on your home, you could be taking advantage of all that sunshine, instead of letting it go to waste by heating up your home and raising your energy bill. For a home owner with an average monthly energy bill of $150 – $300 per month, installing solar panels could reduce your energy bill by up to 45%. Below we’ll go into more detail about the benefits of going Solar.

Types of solar panels

The three types of solar panels

There are three major types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Although each type of panel perform the same functionality, generate electricity, each type does this differently and as a result has different use cases.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Solar panels are constructed using a variety of materials; however, the main material is silicone. In short, silicone is a naturally occurring element that is used in most modern electronics. What makes a monocrystalline panel a “premium” product is that it is constructed from a single-crystal silicone, hence the use of the word mono. This increases the level of difficulty for manufacturing these solar panels, but the benefit is worth the extra effort.

By having a single sheet of silicone wafer, the electrons are able to traverse the sheet with less resistance. Which in turn increases the efficacy of the panel. This choice in design is reflected in the finished product design. This is why monocrystalline panels appear to be less segmented than its counter part.

Impact Windows Safety

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

The main difference, that sets Polycrystalline apart from it botherin is that instead of being construed from a single silicone wafer, these panels are built using multiple smaller wafers. This engineering choice reduces the costs to manufacture these panels but at reduces the efficacy of the solar energy conversion, because the electrons in each individual cell less space and more resistance to moving. The benefit to the consumer is that Polycrystalline solar panels costs less.

Thin-film solar panels

Unlike the previously discussed panels, Thin-film solar panels are not made from mostly silicone. Thin-Film panels are made of one of four different elements.

  1. Cadmium Telluride
  2. Amorphous Silicon
  3. Copper Indium Gallium Selenide
  4. Gallium Arsenide

Of the three types of panels, Thin-film solar panels are not only cheaper to install, but also costs less. However, it is less efficient at generating electricity – about 35% – 25% less efficient.

Thin Solar Panels

Which panel do I get?

The type of panel you choose is determined by a few factors.

  1. The application
  2. The installation location
  3. Your budget
  4. The asthetics

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Energy Independence
Emergency backup

Although the power grid in South Florida is highly dependable, there are moments when a power outage is just inevitable. One such instance is during a sever storm or hurricane. And, although the power companies have been fantastic at restoring power in the past after a storm, there are times when your home can’t be without power for many days.

Savings & Value

How can solar panels save on my energy bill?

The average payback, or the amount of time it takes to offset the costs of installing solar panels is around 7.5 years. But, you get to see the savings immediately after installation. Installing the right panel, if your home can support it, can completely eliminate your electric bill. For the average South Floridian, who pays $250 per month, that a savings of $3,000 per year.

Increased property value

Besides the savings on your electric bill, another value added though Solar Panel installation is increased property value. Installing solar panels is almost always going to increase the value of your home.

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